Meghan Trainor says her upcoming album is inspired by love— specifically, her love with fiancé Daryl Sabara, the actor of Spy Kids fame.

"I'm very in love, so you'll hear these beautiful love songs, happy songs and honest songs," she told Glamour, gushing about her relationship with Sabara.

"I'm so confident about [our relationship]," the pop star continued. "I'm so in love, and I want to tell the world. I feel like it's almost unfair how lucky I am, you know? Every moment of every day we always look at each other like, 'How did I get you?' I always say it's better than the movies. They don't talk about this kind of love in the movies. I love talking to people about it. I love bragging about it."

Bragging... and singing about it, too: On "Let You Be Right," one of Trainor's bubbly new singles, the artist sings about willing to let Sabara win an argument every now and then, even though, as she puts it, shes "always right."

"I wanted to talk about my relationship with Daryl [in the song] and a cute thing we do," Trainor said. "What I taught him early on was, you know, I'm always right. I really am. Daryl learned that early on, so any little fight we have he knows it ends with me being right. I wanted to put that in a song."

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