After living in the Rockford area for over two years, it’s downright unfathomable that I still haven’t done or seen all of the things that Rockford is known for.

So, instead of doing the whole “new year, new you” thing for 2018, my resolution is to finally see and do all of these Rockford things before we ring in another new year.

1. Visit the Nicholas conservatory
2. Walk through Anderson Japanese gardens
3. Take a selfie with the Dino at the burpee museum
4. Discover something at the discovery center
5. Have beers and dogs at a rivets game
6. See cheap trick in concert
7. Eat pizza at Lino’s
8. Experience Uncle nick’s at 2am
9. Spend a day at magic waters
10. History lesson at midway village

And according to experts, I should add at least 8 more. Author Gretchen Rubin created the #18for2018 trend … which involves making 18 smaller, more realistic goals instead of bigger goals that  you're less likely to stick with.

Is there anything in Rockford that you want to do this year?

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