A couple years ago I got an absolutely amazing Christmas gift. In fact, 2 years ago I got my pit bull Sloan. She is never short on kisses and is also never afraid to let me know when someone closes a car door. She is also the second dog in my life that I got as a Christmas present.


Back in high school I got Montana. I remember that we were all shocked because it took her about 6 months before we finally heard her bark. She was a sweetheart in every sense of the word. The type of dog that as soon as you saw her, all your troubles went away.


If I had the space and the means there would be no need for animal shelters. Unfortunately my house and bank account are at their limits so I'm calling on you to help out these precious pups that'll be available at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary starting Thursday. These dogs just need a loving home and I promise they will return that love in more ways than you could ever imagine. Each unique personality and characteristic will have you bragging just like I have been doing.

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