Cruise into Wisconsin's Haunted Canyon on the one-of-a-kind Ghost Boat.

Different Kinds Of Haunts For Halloween

Through the years, I have experienced many different kinds of haunts. In high school, my friends and I made it our mission each Halloween to find the scariest ones.


Of course, there is an outrageous number of haunted houses. We also found other scary places like haunted hayrides, trails, forests, prisons, hotels, rides, and abandoned buildings to just name a few. I have even been on a couple of paranormal investigations. I remember one that really scared me when I was a bit younger.


Haunted Ship Is A New Kind Of Horror

It was a haunted ship at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. That one frightened the heck out of me. Just in case you were wondering, it was not a real boat. They just set up inside a building but they did such an amazing job that I thought I was on a real vessel.


After I made it through that scary adventure, I thought to myself about how much scarier the experience would have been on an actual ship. There is no way to escape out on the water without swimming for it. I did not think a real haunted boat ride was possible. Well, until now.


Ghost Boat Travels To The Haunted Canyon In Wisconsin

One thing I am starting to figure out about Wisconsin. They know how to do the haunted stuff really well. There are all kinds of different ways to do it. This is the latest way to "face your fear" that I found. The best part, it is a 2-fer. You travel on the Ghost Boat, which is scary enough, but then it takes you to the Haunted Canyon. That is one big double shot of horror.

Photo From YouTube

According to,

"The Ghost Boat is Wisconsin Dells’ scariest and most intense attraction offering a journey into the haunted canyon."


"Wisconsin Dells legends tell of ancient canyons buried deep in the rocky banks of the Wisconsin River, where dark things haunt the passageways and shadows move in the moonlight."


"Take an eerie, after-dark journey upriver by boat and then walk through the shadow-haunted passages, and find out."

I think a trip on Ghost Boat is being added to my Halloween bucket list. For more info, HERE.


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