Grab a pair of your comfiest Vans and get ready for the game.

Based on the most viewed show in the history of the streamer, you'll be able to play a real-life Squid Game, without all of the death.

Netflix via YouTube
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According to Mashable, 111 million people have watched Netflix's Squid Game since its launch on September 17.

Since then, it has become a juggernaut, turning its stars into household names globally, launching memes, and of course, giving us the opportunity to replicate some of the crazy games the contestants in the show had to endure.

There's an Eventbrite listing from the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago inviting people to "Those who want to play Squid Game, come this way."

Korean Cultural Center of Chicago

Set for Saturday, November 6, "The Event will be divided into 6 Game Stations which will include the ‘Squid Game’, ‘Honeycomb shape cutting’, ‘Marble Games’, ‘Ddakji Game’, ‘Tug of War’ and ‘Red Light, Green Light’."

Netflix via YouTube

Of all those, the honeycomb shape cutting sounds like the most difficult. I'm not sure I've got a steady enough hand to pull it off. Thank goodness these games are just for fun, and not what happens in the show if you fail.

Netflix via YouTube

Oh heads up, there's no big piggy bank getting loaded up with millions of bucks for every game you play successfully. Just food. That's OK because there's a 100% guarantee you'll get out of these games fully intact.

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