It has been a long, strange journey for The Batman.

Like every other movie that has been shot in 2020, production was halted when the coronavirus hit. Like every other movie shot in 2020, production was resumed a few months after.

For The Batman, production was halted, resumed, and then shut down again, because of the coronavirus.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

This time, it was because The Batman star, Robert Pattinson reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

robert pattinson
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Pattinson has apparently recovered and cleared and since then, The Batman has picked up the pieces and started up filming, again.

Now it appears The Batman is headed to Chicago. Makes sense, Chicago is really a great Gotham City. If you've seen the Christopher Nolan Batman series of flicks, namely Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, you'd agree.

Screen Magazine reports production is set to film for five days across two weekends starting October 16th through October 25th. The report claims filming will take place in downtown Chicago and include 'extensive driving sequences.'

The New Batmobile From The Batman
Warner Bros.

Every movie needs extras, and I'm guessing The Batman is no different. While nothing has yet been announced, I'm guessing something should be coming down in the next few days.

If you've ever wanted to get close to Robert Pattinson, this might be your chance.

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