There is a lot of snow in Rockford, but deciding where to put it when you shovel might make a huge difference for the Rockford Fire Department.

When we get snow like we've had the last nine days (yep, until this morning, we were on a nine day snow streak in Rockford), our first thought is removal.

How can we move all of this snow out of the way?

I need to get my car out of this parking space, or in my case... back in.

But when making the 'where to put the snow' choice, the Rockford Fire Department reminds us where not to put it.

In front of a fire hydrant.

The Rockford Fire Department has been asking Facebook fans to send in photos after they have cleared their fire hydrants from snow.

The snow needs to be at least three feet away from the hydrants, so that in case of a fire, the firemen and women on Rockford will be able to access it.

So far, it looks like a lot of people are remembering to move the snow away from the hydrants.

Be sure to send your photo to the Rockford Fire Department on Facebook.

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