An iconic video game character, Mario, is celebrating 35 years of being in our lives in 2020.

Whether you played the original Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo or got your start with a Mario game on the SNES, we've all played a Mario game.

Like video games or not, they are a huge part of our lives. Maybe even more now than ever before due to the amount of time we've been spending at home.

All you have to do is look at how quickly the new XBOX and PS5 consoles were snatched up this week to confirm how important video games are in 2020.

So I found it pretty interesting that there is now so much Mario in the world, that each state has a favorite series of Mario games.

At first, I thought a classic Mario adventure would undoubtedly be Illinois' most popular Mario series. Turns out, it was something an experienced video game dude like myself have neither played nor heard of.

Honestly, I feel a bit guilty now referring to myself as an "experienced video game dude" when I don't know much about the Super Mario Advance series of games.

Screenshot Capture - 2020-11-13 - 11-58-40

A quick Google search reveals that Super Mario Advance and its sequels are Gameboy Advance games, a system I never owned so that makes me feel better. By the way, it's also Illinois' favorite Mario game series.

The Mario game series people in Wisconsin are most fond of is Mario Party. That also happens to be tied for most popular in the US. Also at the top are the new-ish Mario Maker and classic Super Mario Brothers series.

Tell us, what's your favorite Mario video game?

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