When I drove past this man cutting his lawn, I laughed out loud. I had to find out why he constructed the strangest lawn mower I've ever seen. His story didn't disappoint.

While driving down Burr Oak Rd. in Roscoe, Illinois the other day, I saw a man on his mower, working on cutting several acres of grass in the hot sun. When you have as much grass to mow as this man does, you look for ways to shorten the task. But what I saw just wasn't the normal riding lawn mower. What I saw caused me to make a u-turn and pull into his driveway to see if he'd tell me the story of his creation. My effort was greeted with a big smile and a wonderful story.

Meet Roscoe's Tom Kline.

Tom told me he bought his John Deere mower in the late 70s and its barely given him a lick of trouble in all those years. But when you've got so many acres to mow now, you can't just get rid of that reliable John Deere and pony up a bunch more money for a bigger one, you have to improvise. I didn't ask Tom about whether or not he drinks a few cold ones after working outside but I suspect that this creation of his might have come after at least a 12-pack.


But wait, it gets better. Tom says he picked up that push mower on the cheap and it added more cutting width, which of course cut down on the time spent mowing. Tom then told me, "since it worked so well, why have one, when you can have two!" BOOM.


This my friends, is the kind of old school, money-saving ingenuity that you rarely see anymore. Eighty-four inches of cutting width and his mowing time was cut in half. That's a 7-foot masterpiece.


You're my hero Tom Kline.