Baseball games are part of summers in America, and that generally includes some beer drinking fans standing in some super long lines. This might not be a problem anymore.

The Minnesota Twins, who are hosting this year's All-Star Game, have installed self-serve beer machines. Yes, machines. I have to think this idea was conceptualized at a fraternity party.

I used to work at a restaurant with table taps in six of the booths, which is pretty cool, but we slightly difficult to maneuver as a server. This machine takes the serve yourself idea even further with no server needed to turn on the taps. Just a debit or credit card.

DraftServ machine users can walk up to the machine and of course, flash their ID for access. They then can pour their own beer with a preloaded money card, up to 48 ounces every 15 minutes. Which is a LOT!

According to one of the comments on the ESPN article:

48 ounces per ever 15 minutes
192 ounces per hour
3 hour All Star game = 576 ounces
576 ounces = 48 12oz beers
48 12oz beers @ 40 cents per ounce = $230


I'm not a beer drinker, but this seems like a pretty sweet financial deal for usually overpriced drafts at baseball games.


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