If you bought a PlayStation 3, you might be in for a pretty sweet refund.

While the "phat" PS3 (PlayStation 3) models are no longer produced, if you bought one between 2005-2010 when they were available, a class action lawsuit settlement might net you some dollars.

The original PS3 models, big and bulky as they were, had the "ability to install an alternative operating system (Linux or Unix-based) alongside the main PS3 software." according to PCMag.com.

Because of that, security concerns arose and a class action lawsuit was presented to Sony, makers of the PS3.

Sony agreed to the settlement and now they are paying out $65 to every phat PS3 purchaser.

Here's what you need to do:

If you feel you qualify for the settlement claim, you better make it soon. The deadline to make it is Sunday, April 15.

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