I have this philosophy that there's no bad mood french fries can't fix. There's just something about their salty goodness that makes you feel better. But you know what makes fries taste better? It's not the salt, or the crispiness, it's if they're FREE!

McDonald's is bringing back their free fries promotion to make sure your Fridays are well ... filled with fries.

So how do you score some free fries? According to Delish -

This time, it will run from now through June 28, so mark your calendars or set a phone notification so you don't forget.

Taking advantage of this deal is easy, and all it takes is a minimum purchase of $1 to qualify. The order will have to take place through the McDonald's mobile app in order to get the free fries. You can get free fries only once each Friday so if your family or friends want to get free fries they'll have to download the app themselves.

Be sure to double check your McDonald's is offering this promotion before taking advantage of this deal.

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