American Horror Story

‘American Horror Story’ Renewed for Seasons 8 and 9
We’ve barely begun the rigmarole of American Horror Story teasing its seventh season, but it’ll be time yet before Ryan Murphy beings his flagship anthology franchise to a close. FX has officially picked up an additional two seasons of American Horror Story, likely taking us through at…
'AHS' Season 7 Tease
American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy already promised that Season 7 wouldn’t employ the same closely-guarded mystery theme that made Roanoke rough going at first, but that isn’t going to preclude some fun in the meantime. A cryptic new tease from American Horror Story social media…
New 'AHS' Teasers
The endless mystery approach to American Horror Story Season 6 has proven … trying, to say the least, but however it pays off, future seasons won’t use the same approach. So says creator Ryan Murphy, who also claims the story connections will “explode” in Seasons 7 and 8.

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