What to Keep in Your Car This Winter in Case of Emergency
There's only one word to describe the forecast - rude.
It's the type of weather where you walk outside to go to your car and your snot freezes. If you have any exposed skin, you better make that walk to your car a swift jog, because it's brutal outside...
Chicago Winter Parking Dibs Re-sparks The #FrozenPantsChallenge
Winter in Chicago is a whole different level of savage.
From the cold, to the snow, to the wind, it's some intense weather. So there's some issues that arise during winter months when it comes to street parking. If you have a garage or a designated parking lot you park in, consider you…
Rockford's Snow Sculpting Competition Has Been Postponed
One of Rockford's greatest winter events is the Snow Sculpting Competition. Personally, I struggle to get a snow man to stand up in my yard, can you relate? Snow sculpting is truly an art and it's so impressive when the pieces are complete...
Where to Get The "Best Chili in Illinois" in Rockford
We got a taste of unseasonably warm weather early November, but soon enough we'll be shivering on our way to the car and wondering how it's scientifically possible our snot can freeze. And you know what that means.
I don't know about you, but when it gets cold out, this is my mood -

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