VIDEO: The Steve Shannon Show's Taste Test For Beer Day
Happy National Beer Day, cheers!
For the past few years The Steve Shannon Show has spent the weeks of Lent checking in with Del Hall, a man from Ohio who drinks ONLY BEER for Lent. Spoiler alert - a beer diet can really work, look at Del's results...
The Most Popular Beer at Chicago Cubs & White Sox Games
Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the (socially distanced, masked) crowd!
Opening day 2021 is in the books for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. And of course, in typical baseball fashion, beers were drank. Baseball and beer really just go together like peanut butter and jelly...
The Most Popular Cocktail in Illinois Isn't Very Illinois-y
When you sit down at a bar, what's your order?
Sure you have your favorites you make at home. But most of the time when you're around the house you just grab whatever canned or bottled beverage is readily available. However, when you're out at a bar, you usually order your favorite coc…

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