Nutella Cafe Coming to Chicago
I like Nutella okay, I guess. I mean, it's fine. Kind of seems like a melted candy bar in a jar, but to each their own, right? Just because I'm not over the moon about Nutella doesn't mean that I don't understand those of you who are. And, believe me, I know you're out there. I live with a couple of Nutella nuts. A couple of Nutella nuts who'll be heading for Chicago very soon.
Rockford is Not Far From America’s Best Hot Chocolate
It's a cold day in the Rockford area. Expected high temperature of about 22 degrees, with windchill reading in the single digits. If ever a day (or several days) called for some hot chocolate, it's today. And, if you're looking for what many are calling America's best hot chocolate, you'll need to see a woman named Mindy.