How do Cicadas Make That Loud Noise We've Been Hearing in IL?
More importantly though, when will the noise go away?
I live in a second-floor apartment. My bedroom window is almost eye level with the top of a large tree that sits outside our building. This means me and all the cicadas that live in that tree are basically sleeping right next to each other...
Breathe And Stretch With Alpacas at This Event in Poplar Grove
"Alpaca Breathe and Stretch - The only BS we need in our lives"
That sentence pretty much sums up this event. You might have heard of goat yoga before. If you haven't here's a taste of what that fun looks like -
I see your goat yoga and raise you alpaca breathe and stretch.…
Stay Safe This Summer - What to do if You Find a Tick on Yourself
It's officially check for ticks season.
The other day my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV. All of a sudden he raises his shin up and is like, "Oh snap, there's a tick on me"! I started panicking being like wait we have to burn if off of yo…
Starved Rock State Park Reopened Trails This Week
If cabin fever hasn't hit you yet, then you're a rare breed. Personally, I've found getting out in nature one of the few ways to stay sane during lockdown. It's a great way to get exercise, be outdoors, and stay safe right now.
And now we've got more options for our outdoor a…

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