Illinois Young Adults Most Likely to Live at Home in The Midwest
COVID-19 had a lot of families back home together again for the first time in a long time.
People who thought they'd never be living at home again found themselves posted up in their parent's basement. College kids who dreamed of going off to school found themselves doing online school from…
Emotional Spending in a Pandemic is Real - How Real is it in IL?
Let me just share a meme I saw the other day that heavily described how I feel about shopping during the pandemic. Actually, I'm going to share several.
But most importantly, this one -
Here's some statistics shared by about Americans and their pandemic shopping habits -
I mean, pe…
Rockford's Viral Hug Machine Grandma Finally Gets to Hug Family
It's crazy to think that we've made it far enough into this pandemic that we're looking back on early pandemic memories. Life before the pandemic seems like forever ago, and now, it actually kind of was.
Remember at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when a grandma in Rockford went…

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