Do You Own Illinois' Most PUPular Dog Breed?
Dogs are the best thing to ever happen EVER. If I had a dollar for every dog I've asked to pet in passing by, I'd be rich enough to own way more dogs. Speaking of dogs, let's just take a second to appreciate how cute my dog Nelly is...
Here's The Most Popular Dog Names of 2020
Does your dog have a unique name? Or do they have a classic one like from the movies. Or maybe your pup is named after your favorite food. No matter the name, there's always some dog names that are more popular than others.
Personally, I had my dog's name picked out since middle school...
Pet Wallaroo Led IL. Police on a Wild Chase With Dramatic Ending
If you were driving in Illinois and looked out your window and saw a kangaroo hopping along the road would you be shocked? Any other year, yes. In 2020? It's just another day.
It wasn't technically a kangaroo, but a pet wallaroo led Illinois Police on a crazy chase yesterday...
You Got Your Advent Calendar - But Did You Get Your Pet One?
Over the weekend I was out grocery shopping at Trader Joes with my boyfriend. We live out in West Dundee so we're close to a TJ's. And I stumbled across the most amazing thing ever. I got so excited I audibly gasped in the isle. Check it out -
OBVIOUSLY I grabbed one for my dog Nelly...

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