Sorry Wisconsin, Apparently You're Grosser Than Illinois
A new study just revealed the grosses states. Why you might ask? Well I ask you this - Why not? Sure we could find out the cleanest state, but what fun is that?
So, how do Illinois and Wisconsin rank compared to the rest of the country...
Illinois is Ranked Pretty Low When it Comes to "Best States"
I feel like Illinois is that kid in school who gets picked on for no reason.
Why do other states not like us? What did we ever do to them? A new study had Americans rank the best states, and spoiler alert - Illinois didn't make it very high up on the list...
No Worries Wisco! Wisconsin is One of The Least Stressed States
Wisconsin - Where the beer is cold, the cheese is squeaky, and the living is easy!
A new WallletHub survey revealed the most and least stressed states in America. Here''s the top 10 most stressed states in America -

New Mexico
West Virginia
These are The Top 25 Places People in Rockford Are Moving to
Has this whole pandemic made you think more and more about moving? You're not alone.
Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the site Stacker determined where people in Rockford are moving to the most. WTVO details -
Metros are ranked by the estimated number of people who moved to the metro from …
Wisconsin Named One of The Best States For Women in 2021
Is it all the beer and cheese they've got?
A new survey came out that named the best states for women in 2021. Wisconsin made the top ten list coming in at #9! Here's the top ten best states for women according to WalletHub -

North Dakota
District of Columbia

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