Chicago Just Revealed as a Top Location For THIS Kind of Vacay
Summer is basically here, and that means it's time to plan some vacations.
Sure you could start thinking about where you want to travel, but sometimes that's just not realistic. When it comes to work, time, money, sometimes a vacation just isn't something you can pull off...
No Worries Wisco! Wisconsin is One of The Least Stressed States
Wisconsin - Where the beer is cold, the cheese is squeaky, and the living is easy!
A new WallletHub survey revealed the most and least stressed states in America. Here''s the top 10 most stressed states in America -

New Mexico
West Virginia
Wisconsin Named One of The Best States For Women in 2021
Is it all the beer and cheese they've got?
A new survey came out that named the best states for women in 2021. Wisconsin made the top ten list coming in at #9! Here's the top ten best states for women according to WalletHub -

North Dakota
District of Columbia
Apparently Illinois is The Most Hated State in The Country
Well this is awkward. It feels like were that kid at school that everybody spent all day and night talking bad about. And now we have to show up at school and pretend we're okay. What did we do?
According to a new survey by Zippia, Illinois is the most hated state...
Did Illinois & Wisconsin Miss Going to Bars or Gyms More in 2020?
2020 - the year we realized just how good we really had it. From going to the gym whenever you'd like, to being able to meet your friends for a drink after work, the way we lived our life got flipped upside down. Those every day activities slowly but surely were shut down in 2020 and it made us real…

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