The Simpsons

'Simpsons' Creator To Do Netflix
It’s been almost two years since we first heard Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening had in mind to develop a Netflix animated series, and we’re finally seeing the results. The cast of Futurama will reunite for adult fairy tale Disenchanted, featuring a Broad City favorite and m…
Selfie Stick Sixty
Last week we were celebrating the Cubs winning the World Series, this week a very different kind of "World Series" was won by Donald Trump.
Longest Scripted TV Show
Even after Season 28, no one expected The Simpsons to disband anytime soon, especially with some of TV’s biggest records on the horizon. Now, America’s first animated family will officially cross the threshold with a two-season renewal, outpacing one of TV’s biggest milestones i…
Homer's Presidential Pick
It was sixteen years ago that The Simpsons laughed off the idea of a President Trump racking up national debt, and while the real thing feels far less funny, the FOX animation staple still finds ways to make its voice heard. See who Homer’s voting for in a brutal Trump takedown.

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