Spend The Night In an Old 1900s Schoolhouse In Wisconsin
When you were little did you ever dream of what it would be like to sleepover at a school? I know I always thought about it.
Well, it's time to make that dream a reality. You can spend the night in a former school from the 1900s at Wilson Schoolhouse Inn in La Crosse, Wisconsin...
AHOY! Stay Overnight in a Pirate Ship at This Wisconsin Airbnb
Arrgh matey! Shiver me timbers, this might be the coolest Airbnb ever.
Have you ever dreamed of staying overnight in a pirate ship? Maybe you haven't, but I'm sure your kids have. You can make that dream a reality in Wisconsin. You can stay in a "real" pirate ship tha…
This Illinois Airbnb is a Giant Lakeside Treehouse on 800 Acres
Remember when you were little and treehouses were the coolest things ever? Don't let that fun fade as an adult, you can still have that same adventurous spirit with this Illinois Airbnb.
Samson's Mtn Rustic Lakeside Treehouse 3 rm Cabin sits on 800 acres of land and has a beautiful lak…
Unique Illinois Airbnb Let's You Stay in an Old Train Car
Looking for a unique vacation in Illinois? Airbnb has a ton of places to stay that are far from your average night's stay when you're away.
You've probably used Airbnb to rent a house somewhere, but have you used it to rent a train car...
This Wisconsin Airbnb is a Real Life Pink Barbie Dream House
Growing up it was always a dream of mine to live in Barbie's Dream House. I mean come on, who wouldn't want to live in a giant pink mansion?
Well apparently there's an Airbnb in Wisconsin that's literally a real life Barbie Dream House. It's a pricey overnight stay, but I mea…

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