Here Are The Old Farmer’s Almanac Predictions For Rockford’s Winter
Not to be confused with the Farmer's Almanac, which is the new kid on the block compared to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the Old Farmer's Almanac has, according to their website, been at this weather prediction game since 1792 (229 years). The Farmer's Almanac is the relative newcomer, publishing their first almanac in 1818, the year Illinois became a state.
Illinois Lives Their Best Life Eating Ice Cream in the Winter
I firmly believe it's never too cold to have some ice cream. Sure you might shiver while you eat it, but it's still a delicious treat nonetheless. I know I personally enjoy ice cream year-round. If I'm craving ice cream, I don't care what season it is, I'm having some dang ice cream...
Rockford Park District’s Carlson Ice Arena Has Reopened
Even though it feels like Spring outside, there's still some ice skating fun to be had here in Rockford. Rockford Park District's Carlson Ice Arena is reopening to the public! If your kids have officially done EVERYTHING they can around the house, and in your back yard, why not take them ice skating...
Wisconsin Woman Spreads Joy by Plowing Snow as Inflatable Unicorn
Snow as a kid means you get to wake up and go sledding, build a snow man, and all the other fun winter activities. Snow as an adult means you get to wake up and plow the driveway. I feel like the morning after a big snow fall neighborhoods are filled with grumpy adults just trudging up and down their driveway with their snow plow...

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