I think we can all agree that summer is a great time to get outside and explore new things and places, right?

I think that we can all also agree (even if we don't want to), that Illinois has A LOT of great attractions and experiences to offer during the summer months, so we need to get out and enjoy them!

The Wildflower Farm in Monee, Illinois Is A Must-See This Summer

It seems like visiting sunflower farms has become all the rage the last few summers, but what if I told you there is a farm in Illinois that not only has a big sunflower field, but also huge fields of wildflowers that you can go and pick too?

The Wildflower Farm is located not too far from Chicago in Monee, Illinois, and is officially open for the season whenever the wildflowers are blooming. (Usually mid-July through the end of September).

Admission into The Wildflower Farm is $5 for any person over 2 years old, and if you want to pick bouquets of wildflowers while you are there, they have different jar sizes available for purchase to put them in. (You cannot bring in your own jars/vases for wildflower picking).

Besides having several acres filled with 12 different flowers foilage up for pickin', The Wildflower Farm also has animals and fun activities for the kids like a jumping pillow, tractors, and a duck pond. They also feature live music every weekend and host special events like weddings, showers, parties, and more. See everything The Wildflower Farm has to offer at wildflowerupick.com, and get ready to have full day of family fun!

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