I came across another wonderfully named website this morning, BroBible. I will be bookmarking this for sure. The article I was reading is a list of 20 Things Every Man Should Be Able to Do in His Twenties.

Their list includes: knowing how to drive a stick, how to fillet a fish (not how to order one at a drive thru...), to have the ability to ask out a girl who is WAY out of your league, and to be a generous tipper. (I think the tipping thing might be the most important.)

And it got me thinking, what are the things every woman should be able to do in her twenties? I'll say "before she's 30," just so I can be sure to master these. I came up with my top five.

Learn how to say "no" to a closet full of "going out" shirts. As a person in her late twenties, I know this one is a biggie. There are shirts in my closet that I will never ever ever ever ever wear again. I know exactly when and where I wore them, at a college bar. Even when I go to bars now, I would feel like a floozy wearing them. You're free to have less than 5 of these shirts, but buy them cheap and save some money for clothes you can wear with your grandma, too.

Learn how to speak professionally in professional situations. Yep, I'm a DJ, but I don't sit around and celebrity gossip with my fellow DJs all day... the "dudes," "likes," "whatevers," are fine with friends and silly conversations, but when you're in a job interview or speaking over the phone, you should probably keep those words in your brain. I actually heard this complaint about young people the other day, and was happy when I was not included in the group of people who end every conversation with "totally awesome."

(Even though totally awesome is one of my fave phrases.)

Learn how to wear lip liner. Sure, before you're 25, lip liner sounds like an old lady accessory. But if you wear the right one, you will like your smile in pictures so much more. And we are a society of selfie-ers so we want that.

(Side note, that is the ONLY make-up advice I think I'm allowed to give.)

Make and Follow A Budget. Possibly the hardest and most important thing to learn. I'm still working on this one. Even if you're not totally on your own, you're living with a roommate or your family, you still need to be able to manage your money. Baby steps though, people baby steps. Start with actually figuring out how much you have and go from there.

Be Able to Cook At Least Three Things. One of which is not a frozen pizza, but cupcakes totally count, just not from a box. Learn how to cook three things. If not for the ability to impress your future in-laws, but because at least when you eat food that you cooked, and then you're sitting in front of the TV in your pajamas, you can feel like an adult.

What would you add to either of these lists?

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