Spooky Science is your chance to make slime with your kids and keep the mess out of your house.

Making slime is messy, but it's also super fun. Which is why you probably want to bring your kids to the Discovery Center Museum this Friday night to make the slime and leave your house squeaky clean.

Spooky Science is Friday, October 26 from 6 until 9 p.m. and it's just five bucks for members and ten bucks for non-members.

Not only do you get to make slime and have some science-y fun, your kids get another chance to wear their Halloween costume!

I got a preview of Spooky Science on Good Day Stateline last Sunday and I can tell you not only did I have a blast, but I brought my slime to my four year old nephew the next day and he loves getting slimy too.

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