A friend of mine who sells advertising for a small newspaper in Lake Geneva has a saying, "buy local or bye local." Unfortunately, there's a lot of truth in that.

No one ever wants to see a business close it's doors; especially in a place like Rockford where we take so much pride in our local businesses. It's even harder when that business offered something you really enjoyed or they offered a product or service that you just couldn't quite get anywhere else.

That's what makes the closing of these five Rockford businesses really hard to swallow. Sure, new businesses will come along but it was sad to see these go.


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    Owners of Sugarjones sadly closed their ice cream shop in late October to spend more time focusing on the bakery. If you're interested in a turnkey ice cream shop, though, Sugarcones is for sale. Please contact Chris Toohey 815-608-2995.

    Sugarcones via Facebook
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    rkfd bar and bistro

    After less than a year in business, rkfd bar + bistro announced it was closing it's doors on September 16th. On the plus side, Lucha Cantina, which is owned and operated by the same owner of rkfd, remains open.

    Rkfd Your Local Bar via Facebook
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    Regency Beauty Institute

    Due to lack of funding and a decrease in enrollment, the Regency Beauty Institute closed it's doors at the end of September. Numerous cosmetology students in the Rockford area are still looking for a place to continue their education.

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    Bamboo Asian Noodles and Tapas Bar

    If you love southeast Asian cuisine, you loved Bamboo Asian Noodles and Tapas bar. The popular downtown restaurant closed it's doors at the end of August after the owner of the building put the property up for sale and did not renew Bamboo's lease.

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    After 15 years in downtown Rockford, our good friend Chris Wachowiak, decided to move on from the night club business back in February so he could spend more time with his family...and create killer Cubs t-shirts.

    Kryptonite Bar via Facebook