Unicode's next batch of new emojis will make not only redheads happy, those with curly hair, white hair and no hair will love what's coming. And there's so much more.

If you count all the different skin tones, the total count of new emojis coming from Unicode Consortium is 157.

Red hair, curly hair, no hair, you know you care.


While the most requested updates were more hair options, it's not the only category covered in this update. Other categories include:

  • Animals
  • Science
  • Food
  • Randoms

The new emojis will be part of Unicode 11.0, and right now it's scheduled to be released in June 2018.

Did you know that you can submit an idea to the Unicode Consortium for an emoji? If you have a great idea, click HERE.

To see more of what's coming, hit up the Chicago Tribune HERE.