Have you ever wanted to reach out and help people in Rockford but you're not sure where to start?

One Rockford woman has stepped up and is determined to change lives in the Stateline area. Sherry Camp is a former exotic dancer and prostitute. Key word: former. She is one of the lucky ones that has been able to turn her life around. Many women feel trapped once they get into these situations and feel as there is no way out. Sherry wants to change that, according to wifr.com.


She has started an outreach program called URLOVED. The plan is to go to local strip clubs and massage parlors and hand out notes offering help to these people and a phone number to call. Attached to the note will also be a lip gloss, an artificial flower, and a heart shaped cookie letting them know they are loved. So how can you help? Simple. Drop off donations of lip gloss or flowers to 2233 Charles Street in Rockford. The program will begin on July 1st.



Please don't sit this one out. I bet a lot of you have unopened lip glosses just sitting in your bathroom cupboard that you have gotten from Victoria's Secret, Clinique, Ipsy, etc. that you aren't even planning on using. Perfect opportunity to help out. We all complain about all the violence and crime in Rockford but we sit back and do nothing. This is an easy opportunity to do some good.