Want to skip the cooking on Thanksgiving this year? Well you are not alone. Approximately 20 million people will eat out at a restaurant for their Thanksgiving meal.

Many people are choosing to skip the tradition of cooking and go for convenience instead. If you are one of these people, you are in luck. Rockford has one of the most popular restaurants to eat at on Thanksgiving, according to wgntv.com. Cracker Barrel is expected to serve approximately 1.5 million people on Turkey Day. If you are pondering the idea of eating there on Thanksgiving, I encourage you to make reservations. You may not get in otherwise, or end up spending your whole day in their gift shop.

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There are several other restaurants open and serving Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday in Rockford. We have helped you out by making a list of them.

Golden Corral
Granite City
Hoffman House
Jessica's Restaurant
Stockholm Inn
Stone Eagle Tavern
Sunrise Family Restaurant
Thunder Bay Grille

Whatever you choose to do on Thanksgiving, I hope you are surrounded by friends, family, and lots of good food.