Educators are an integral part of our community and the upbringing of our future. Here at 97ZOK, we're happy to provide our teachers with a gift of gratitude.  All you need to do is nominate the most deserving teacher in your child's life.

Take a few minutes to go the extra mile and fill out the form below for that special teacher to become 'Teacher of the Week'.

Each week, one lucky teacher will be selected at random to win a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a gift card to WM DaySpa Salon.

It's as easy as one, two, and three, fill out the form and we do the rest.

Join us in making these teachers' days, once a week, with a little something sweet.

15 Things People in Rockford Wish They'd Learned in School

Now that you're an adult, what do you wish you had learned?

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When preparing for a new school year here is a look at some of the most expensive items you'll need to purchase.

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The Best & Worst States for Teachers

It's back to school time!

Teachers and administrators all over the country are welcoming students back either in person or virtually. This will definitely be a challenging year being in person due to COVID cases and protocols that need to be in place to keep everyone safe.

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility. It can be very stressful, and sometimes that depends on the district where the teacher is employed. There are actually some states that are not that great for teachers.

Wallethub put together a list of the best and worst states for teachers. They look at things like opportunities for employment, competition, academics and work environments.

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