Congrats to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. King from Marsh Elementary.

We hooked up Mrs. King with Cupcakes from Sugar Jones, Flowers from Broadway Florist and $50 in services from Xeno Salon & Spa.

The winning nomination came from Ella Hallstrom, Ella writes:

Well to get you started....... She is a wonderful teacher, she give us cookies almost every 2 weeks (in my case that's awesome) she passes out jolly ranchers, chocolate kisses. She makes everything fun. I normally hate social studies, but she makes it fun. But it's not just about the chocolate or the cookies or candy every time you get her something she writes you a note thanking you. I don't know if every teacher does that but she was the only one to even do that for my friends and me.

I love her so much. When we have a trouble in a subject she stays after school and helps you in till you figure it out. When you feel pain she feels the same. She puts her body in your shoes and experiences it. Please, please Mrs. King 97ZOK’s Teacher of the Week! She’s one heck of a 5th grade teacher."