Super Bowl 50 is in the books, so it's time to reflect... you know while we celebrate what should be called "Super Bowl Observed."

Whether you're hungover, food coma-ed or just exhausted from trying to figure out what was going on in that Mountain Dew commercial, you know you need an easy day at work today, so let's have some fun reading the 21 things that I overheard (or said) during the first half of the Super Bowl last night.

I had to drive home during the second half, hence the shortness, but hopefully you'll still enjoy this.

21 Things I overheard at my brother's Super Bowl party

  1. Lady Gaga has Lego hair
  2. Super Bowl 75 in Chicago... they already know where it's gonna be that far in advance?
  3. That is a face!
  4. When's a good time to go to the bathroom?
  5. Is this the first commercial?
  6. Aren't you banned from McCormick place?
  7. That was the scariest Baloo ever.
  8. Why isn't it the Super Bowl L... Super BOWLLLLLLL
  9. Why are the Grammy's on a Monday?
  10. Quesalupa!!!
  11. What Carolina are they from?
  12. It wasn't because I was drunk, it's because there are kids around.
  13. Can I have a cup of donuts?
  14. I'm gonna get really sweaty.
  15. Did anyone else hear Jay say that ref was a hottie?
  16. C'mon guys, there's lots more food here.
  17. They should just give everyone Monday off and call it Super Bowl observed.
  18. He just sat in his lap.
  19. He's so stinky.
  20. That looks recorded.
  21. Michelle, is he Ricky Martin's brother?

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