Forget Chicago being called the "Windy City". I think it's new name should be the "Burger City".

As not one, but three burgers from their made the 'Top 100 Best Burgers In America" list.

NBC Chicago shares that the Daily Mail looked at over 300 burgers in America to find which ones earned the right to be on their list for the best burger in the nation for 2018.

Of those analyzed and then later on voted on by "'culinary authorities' from across the country", 3 burgers from Chicago made the cut.

In fact, one of them took the top spot as the reigning champion of burgers for 2018.

"The cheeseburger at Au Cheval took the high honor of #1 this year."

The second burger to fall on the list was "Kuma's Corner's Kuma Burger" which found a spot at #16.

The third burger, the "Griddled Burger at Edzo's in Evanston" came in at #34."

To see the complete list of the Best Burgers in America, click here.






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