Sometimes a move is so terrifying, that it sticks with you forever. It messed with you so much that you had trouble sleeping. These are the films that did it to me.

In a scary movie, there's always that scene. The scene where the movie got inside your soul and freaked you out for days, weeks or maybe it still does

These are the six movies that left their mark on my soul.

There are several **SPOILERS** below. If you see a title you haven't watched yet, skip past what I wrote and just watch the trailer.


6 Horror Movies That Scared the S*** Out of Me


In 2004, when this movie premiered, it was different than what I'd seen before and I liked that a lot. While the sequels never scared me, they made me very uncomfortable. The first "Saw" movie made you think a lot about what you'd do to free yourself from captivity, while an 'apparent' dead guy laid on the floor right in front of you.

What happens to that 'dead guy' at the end of the movie is what made the discomfort stick for years.



During my trip to Israel in 2000, I stayed in a hostel and I knew this movie would, more than likely, hit me in a personal place. It did, but NOT in the way I anticipated. It made you think about the fact that there are people in this world that will pay any amount to feed their sick, twisted, perverted desires.


Event Horizon

If you've ever been to church as a child, at least a few times, you've gone to Sunday School. I think every Sunday School teacher was required to teach every kid in their class, to be afraid of nothing more than the devil. There is something very demonic in Event Horizon and if that sort of thing disturbs you too much, don't watch. I did, and I'll forget the way this movie made me feel.



My first 'mass murderer' movie. My dad got pleasure from scaring me constantly while growing up and this was his 'game-changer.' I WAS ONLY 10 YEARS OLD!!!!!! While I'm glad to know this classic horror movie as an adult, I wish that night at the theater with my dad, had never happened

The Steve Shanon Show chats with the OG Michael Myers, actor Tony Moran.



Don't watch horror movies by yourself, it's never a good idea. I had to pass a big mirror on my way to bed that night and I had to make myself look away when I passed it. It took me a week to be able to look toward a mirror in the darkness.


The Strangers

The types of horror movies that always get me are the ones that easily seem like they could happen in real life. Watching this movie in a room that was more that fifty percent windows, only made it seem more like the whole movie was about to play out inside my home. There's also a hallway shooting scene that was extremely terrifying and sad. I bring that up because I feel like that could've easily happened if this movie plot played out in real life.

What movie scared you so badly, you can't let it go?

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