Forget whatever dinner plans you had and make room for some vodka sauced Rigatoni at the Stateline's Best Pasta restaurant. 

Welcome to comfort food season. Forget your cold, lifeless salads and bring on plates of warm pasta fresh out of the pan covered in sauces that will fill your heart and your stomach.

Sure we had somewhat of a warmer fall so far in Northern Illinois, but the temps have officially dropped and so it's totally cool to layer up and add more noodles to your 'to-do' list.


Every month on Good Day Stateline we look for the 'Stateline's Best' something and throughout November, we've been looking for the Stateline's Best Pasta.

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This was one of the most delicious few weeks of my career. Obviously.

We had some really great contenders and might want to check them all out this pasta season.

One of our stops was at PRIME Italian Steakhouse in Rockford next to WM Day Spa Salon.

The cajun seafood fettuccine tasted as good as it looks!

We made another pasta stop at Guiseppi's Pizza and Italian Restaurant on Halsted Rd in Rockford, for two of their best pasta dishes.

And we stopped at Alpine View Restuarant on South Alpine in Rockford for the cheesiest (we love the cheese!) pasta in the Stateline.

Stateline's Best Pasta Winner

But Salmone's took the crown. It wasn't because they served us six different pastas from their two locations but I mean, how can you argue with their title?


Salamone's North is located in Rockford and Salamone's Cherry Valley is in Cherry Valley.

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