One Facebook user noticed a massive inflatable dog in the office parking lot of Louisiana attorney, Gordon McKernan. According to the post, the inflatable dog is a replica of the McKernan family dog that is celebrating a recent birthday.

You can see the Facebook post for yourself below.

I think the caption on this post hits the nail on the head. The loyalty is on another level with this move!

Everyone loves their dog and who doesn't enjoy celebrating their dog's birthday?

Well, it is nothing new that Mr. McKernan loves to celebrate his puppy, Penny! Check out one of his commercials below that features the cute pooch.

Penny is getting the star treatment for her birthday and I think it is much deserved.

While some of us are posting a sweet Instagram photo or baking a doggo cake for our favorite furry friend's birthday, Gordon McKernan has taken celebrating your household pets day of birth to a whole other level.

P.S. - Is it bad that I am jealous of Penny?

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