Boston Pizza is serving up a slice of Christmas this holiday season.

Too bad we'll have to drive to Canada to get it because it doesn't look this special Christmas pizza will make it to the US anytime soon.

We can hold out for a Christmas miracle but considering the American version of Boston Pizza, strangely named Boston's Pizza, doesn't actually have the Christmas Pizza on their menu.

In case you're wondering, a Boston's Pizza is somewhat within driving distance of Rockford. The nearest Boston's Pizza is about 90 miles north, in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

Anyway, the pizza. We won't taste the Boston Pizza version but what are the ingredients so we can make it at home?

Yahoo Lifestyle hooked us up with the "special" ingredients:

  • Seasoned rotisserie turkey
  • House-made stuffing
  • Rosemary sage cream sauce
  • Italian cheeses
  • Topped with cranberry sauce and turkey gravy

Next, and I presume, pile it on a slab of dough and bake until cooked.

Does this sound like something you'd eat? Do you know of any restaurant or pizza joint in the Rockford area that makes a Christmas pizza? Tell us!

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