Who cares if we've seen these before, they're all kinds of wonderful.

The final weekends before kids go back to school in Rockford mean one thing, garage sales.

I tell ya, Friday afternoon when I was leaving to go get gas in the middle of the day, the streets were packed with discount items people are trying to get rid of before they start fresh this fall.

And while the deals are great, and so are the items they're selling, the best part of the garage sale world is the creative signs.

We feel all kinds of happiness from this Adele sign.

Townsquare Media Rockford
Townsquare Media Rockford

And I heard there are Lionel Richie signs again this year as well.

We saw something similar last year and honestly, keep it going garage sale sign-makers!

So even if you're not looking to buy anything from these garage sales, if you see some creative signs send them to us!

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