Some businesses are requiring you to wear a mask when entering right now, but as of May 1 in Illinois, everyone will have to put one on when shopping.

That's where the "tip your mask" idea is coming from.

East Moline police are asking customers to pull down their protective covering when entering so their faces can be seen briefly.

I understand why. Not one business owner wants a bunch of faceless customers wandering around their store. That type of anonymity could lead to thievery from those that have never even considered it.

So it makes sense to "tip your mask" when entering. It's a good faith approach non-verbally telling the employee, "I'm here to pick up a few things and leave, not rob the place."

However, the issue of touching the mask, readjusting, and putting your hands all over your face crops up.

KWQC says after a quick mask tip, "be sure to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as soon as possible."

As of right now, this policy has not yet be enacted in Rockford, but what if it does get here? What do you think about the "tip your mask" idea? Tell us!

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