The end of a "check writing" era is upon us, and the same goes for Target stores across America, including their Rockford area locations.

That's because, as of July 15, Target will no longer accept checks as a form of payment.

This new policy change will significantly shift how many people shop in the state.

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Think about it: For years and years, people have been using checks as a way to purchase items, especially when you consider there are some who refuse to use credit or debit cards.

Target Enforces New Rule For Shoppers At All Illinois Locations

With this new news, customers will have to start considering another form of payment when they shop at Target.

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On the other hand, this is a change that those around the US and Rockford should have anticipated.

This move will usher in an even more seamless, easy, and efficient way to shop at Target, which is something to look forward to.

I'm sure there will be some initial unhappiness among those who only pay with a check, but truthfully, there can't be many who do.

According to the Detroit News, "Checks represented about half of noncash payments in the United States in 2003, but that number fell to 15% in 2012, according to data from the Federal Reserve."

That number will be even smaller in 2024, as most people will make only one monthly payment using a check.

As of July 15, you won't make that "one" payment at Target using a check.

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