Rockford is getting a 2nd new elementary school. Construction just began on the first one at the beginning of June.

Another New Elementary School Coming for Rockford

Rockford's second new elementary school will be replacing three schools located on the Southeast side of Rockford. Cherry Valley, White Swan, and Thompson, according to

June 27th, the construction contract was awarded to begin building the second school. Construction will start in the fall, and the new school will be replacing Kishwaukee and Nelson schools also located on the southeast side of Rockford. They will be ready for students in 2019.

This is all part of a plan that was approved back in 2014. It's going to cost about $33 million to build the 2 schools. These are the first new schools built in the district since 1998. So what do you think the names of the school should be? Any ideas?

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