In case you missed it, there was a huge hip hop show in Rockford last night.

Headlined by Snoop Dogg, the show appeared to be a big success. Warren G, the creator of the hit single, Regulate, also performed alongside Tha Doggfather.

Apparently, while in Rockford, you've got to try some delicious Rockford foods and at some point, Warren G ended up at Spider Sushi at 641 South Perryville Road.

No idea if it was before or after the show. Kind of difficult to pinpoint, due to the picture posted to Instagram early this morning by our favorite regulator. So who knows really when he was there.

I can tell you by experience Spider Sushi is the goods, so it goes without saying Warren G picked a good spot to dine in Rockford. If you missed the most recent Ate One Five episode, check it out.

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