The Ice Castles attraction in Lake Geneva has been talked about for nearly three months now.

Yesterday, we found when it officially will come to life.

In case you missed it, Ice Castles is located in Lake Geneva, at Riviera Beach and a massive undertaking. You see, Ice Castles is completely built out of icicles.

Around 5,000 to 10,000 icicles "are hand-harvested in the morning and then strategically places to build formations" according to NBC 5 in Chicago.

The curators of the attraction have also placed over 100 LED lights inside the frozen structure for nighttime visitors, and while the Ice Castles currently sits at only 10 feet high, it's "expected to hit 30-35 feet by the end of the season."

Ice Castles is expected to open to massive crowds on Thursday, January 10.

For Ice Castles tickets and more, go HERE.

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