If we get baseball in 2020, it might be a little bit different than how we hoped.

Sure, everything is going to be different going forward, if not forever, at least for a while.

Unfortunately for baseball fans, that means the way baseball is played and presented will be different too.

In a press conference yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she could see baseball returning to the Windy City at some point this summer.

We're obviously a ways away from that, because we haven't seen the level of cases decline on a consistent basis. We're still seeing them rise. But can I envision a world where baseball might return to Chicago this summer? Yes. Is it likely to be without fans? Probably.

What would baseball be like without fans in the stands? Probably hard to watch.

Have you checked out professional wrestling without a crowd? It's strange, eerie, and just looks wrong.

It's another thing I took for granted before COVID-19, just how important fans are to a sporting event.

What about you? Are you OK with baseball coming back with no fans or would you rather Major League Baseball cancel the entire season?

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