143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off next week in New York City and this year the Stateline will be represented by Gwen and Kent Meyer. Gwen and Kent are the owners of Meyer's Tails Up Farm in Belvidere.

The couple is taking their two top-winning show dogs to New York City next week for the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. WIFR details the two beautiful dogs as -

The first is a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier named Crawford, who was ranked the No. 1 soft coated Wheaten Terrier for 2018. The second is JT, a Bouvier ranked number 2 in the country for 2018.

Check out the two amazing animals here -

Gwen told WIFR -

There's coat conditioning, then there's the actual running around and exercise. These guys get a lot of really good exercise, they're on a great diet and they've been dogs that have been bred to do something to better their breed.

For the full schedule of the show head here.

With over 3,000 dogs competing from around the country, we're going to be glued to our TVs rooting for these two local pooches.

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