I was with a friend recently who had said out loud how much he hates going to Chicago.

He said he doesn't like going there and tries to avoid The Windy City at all costs.


While it took me a minute to get over that gut punch of a reveal, I made peace knowing plenty of people in Illinois would go anywhere other than Chicago.

For me, Chicago has just about the best of everything: culture, you name it.

There are times when there are things that are better that are outside of the city limits.


I noticed this while living in Rockford. The city gets a bad rap, usually by people who have never been here or are just generally unhappy, blaming the city they live in for their misfortunes.

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Anyway, this steak joint isn't in Chicago, and it's not in Rockford but in Evanston.

Cheapism says The Barn is Illinois' "Best Hidden-Gem Steakhouse." The main reason is that the owner's last name is very familiar: Morton.


If you've been to a steak joint in Chicago, there's a good chance it was Morton's. This place isn't Morton's, but Amy Morton's The Barn is close.


According to the article, "The Barn pays homage to her father and the classic American steakhouse and food with Heritage Black Angus steak from local purveyor Meats by Linz."

Sounds awesome. The Barn is located at Rear 1016 Church Street in Evanston, not Chicago. Then again, even if it was in the City by the Lake, you should make the trip because this is a steak place well worth the hassle.

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