2023 must be a good year for Illinois because two well-known cities made the list of best places to invest in vacation rentals.


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One thing I never expected from Rockford was to be a vacation destination.  Surprisingly, Rockford took one of the top spots for being one of the best places in America to invest in vacation rentals.  Springfield made the list, too!

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Illinois Among Best States To Invest In Vacation Rentals, 2 Cities In Top 5

According to AIRDNA, they determined the best places in America based on Rental Demand, Revenue Growth, Investability, and Regulation.

Rockford ranked #3 and Springfield ranked #4 for best short-term rental investment markets in 2023.


Rockford has an occupancy rate slightly above 60%, an average daily rate of $175, an average yearly revenue of $39,000, and pretty low home value of $117k.  Finishing off with a total score of 90!

With tons of attractions and opportunities here, Rockford isn't lookin' too bad!

Of course, we have the Anderson Japanese Gardens, Rockford Art Museum, Burpee Museum of Natural History, and tons of local businesses!

As for Springfield, AIRDNA said this,

"Springfield is a great location for short-term rental investors looking to enter a market where initial investment costs are low. Homes go for $119K here on average."

Aside from having a lower ADR ($133) than other places on the list, the average occupancy rate of 61.5% allows homes to generate an average revenue of $29K per year.  Springfield ended with an 88 score!

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I guess Illinois isn't so bad after all!  Now we just need to get these cater-sized potholes filled, some crime under control, and teach residents how to use round-a-bouts and we'll be a state with no limitations!

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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