Whether yoga is your favorite way to blow off steam or you've never tried it, make some room on your calendar to celebrate International Day of Yoga with Womanspace Rockford.

I have to admit I'm one of those people that thinks yoga isn't for me.

Until I go to a yoga class and realize I'm wrong. Yoga is for me, and for you and pretty much for everyone. Because yoga isn't just one thing.

I'm beyond lucky that despite my resistance, yoga teachers don't hate me, and they're willing to spend a few minutes with me reminding me that I actually LOVE what it feels like to be in a yoga class.

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So you know I'm making room for some yoga next Wednesday, June 21 when Womanspace Rockford celebrates the International Day of Yoga.

Get this, not only is Womanspace celebrating with their own instructors, they've partnered with a bunch of other powerful local ladies to bring everyone together on the summer solstice in one place to practice yoga.

From vinyasa to hip -hop yoga (yes hip-hop yoga), it would be pretty hard for you to say you can't find a session that works for your body and skill level.


The best part? All of the sessions are free.

It all starts at 8am on Wednesday June 21 and goes until 8pm at Womanspace at 3333 Maria Linden Drive in Rockford.

You can let them know you're coming on Facebook, but if you make a game time decision the day of, that's ok too.

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Did I mention after the yoga classes there's a big party to celebrate the Summer Solstice? Might as well take the whole day off of work.

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